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Clinton, Sanders, and Trump Agree: Stock Video Is Essential


The 2016 US presidential race has been one of the most tumultuous in years, with candidates on all sides disagreeing on a number of issues. One thing they have been able to agree on, however, is that stock video is essential for great campaign ads. Check out how the big names dominating the airwaves — Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump — have all used footage available on Pond5 in their campaigns over these last few months.

Hillary Clinton

In Hillary’s “Stand for Reality” spot, the candidate warns against climate change and praises previous advancements in social progress and technology in the US.

To illustrate this point, her campaign ad includes footage of the Apollo 1 launch at the 2:02 mark, available for free in Pond5’s Public Domain collection.

Apollo 1 Launch

Donald Trump

Trump champions his vision for an America that “wins” in his “Make America Great Again” spot. In it, Trump promises better opportunities for the unemployed and veterans while employing footage of “out of business” signs and images of soldiers.


Check out the clips below at the 0:03 mark and the 0:25 mark.

Going Out Of Business, Closed Sign On Window by VIAfilms

Soldiers Looking Up in Front of the Flag by Burlingham

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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders pushes for progressive reforms and strategy by encouraging voters to “Think Big, Not Small.” In this ad, he includes footage of families and young adults.


Check out the clips below in succession at 0:12, 0:13, 0:14 in the video.

Nurse with Surgical Mask by Donavanwhyte

Father and Son Eating Ice Cream by Donavanwhyte

Handheld Zoom from the Right Side of a Man’s Face by stockfootagecom
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