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How to Create Pop Tags for Social Media in Premiere Pro


Here’s a fast, easy way to build a community on your YouTube channel by tagging other creators.

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With all the available methods of self-promotion for content creators, there are always new and exciting ways to get your name or brand out there to ensure people know exactly how to follow your creative outlets. One of the newer trends to bless YouTube and its content creators is sharing Instagram or Twitter handles in the video itself. Justin Odisho shows us how to create these handles right in Premiere Pro. Let’s dive in.

This particular trend has been prominent lately among daily and travel vloggers, who often run into friends and other popular photographers and videographers. It’s a good way to cast a wide net and help other creators — as well as maintaining a fun visual aesthetic. For Instagram specifically, we’ll be recreating the pop tag you get once you’ve tagged someone in a photo.

Step 1. Choose Your Text

How to Create Pop Tags for Social Media in Premiere Pro — Choose Text

First, type out the handle, then open up the Essential Graphics Panel. In this panel, you can scale and select the appropriate font and customize the look of your text however you see fit. Justin recommends using the font Roboto for the Instagram-styled font.

Step 2. Create the Box

How to Create Pop Tags for Social Media in Premiere Pro — Create Box

To create the grey, rectangle box to put the text in, go to Graphics > New Layer > Rectangle. Use the selection tool to adjust the size however you need to. Take the shape, and place it underneath the Text Layer. Then, to create the little diamond on top of the rectangle, repeat the process (Graphics > New Layer > Rectangle), and then scale the rectangle to the appropriate size and place the layer behind the other two.

Step 3. Change the Color

How to Create Pop Tags for Social Media in Premiere Pro — Change Color

Next, change the color of the rectangle to a dark charcoal gray. To make sure you’re using the same color on both rectangles, copy the color code from the first color you choose and apply it to the second.

Now, when you actually plug somebody else’s page in your video, usually you’ll want to add a sound effect to let the viewer know what just happened. You can find hundreds of different comedic and stylistic sound effects — there is some gold here.

Step 4. Animate the Tag

How to Create Pop Tags for Social Media in Premiere Pro — Animate Tag

Once you’ve created the tag, you’ll want to animate it so that it stays in front of the correct subject. Ideally, you can tag multiple people in one shot to let your audience know who’s who. To animate the tag, go to the Effects Control Panel, and to make the tag pop into existence, go to Scale and set it to 0, then set your keyframe for when you want the tag to appear and the tag will pop up however quickly or slowly you want it to.

To follow the person, set the stopwatch icon for Position to on, then move the X and Y every few frames so it follows the person’s movements. It doesn’t have to look amazing, and it’s only going to follow them for a few seconds. After this, set two keyframes when you want the tag to go away, and set the Scale to 0.

You can save this template and keep it in the Essential Graphics Panel so that you’ll only have to change the name in the tag while you use it in other videos.