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Create Epic Ink Drops in After Effects + Free Ink Drops


In the latest Cinecom tutorial, we demonstrate all the different ways you can use use Sumi, our ink drop video pack, in your next project.

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One of the major benefits of creating web-based, commercial, and corporate content is learning how each operates in its own way. Whoever you’re working for, someone will ask you to follow specific guidelines or adhere to a formulaic structure. But, you can’t put a price on knowing the ins and outs of your craft. Here are a few ways you can play with the elements on your next project while creating new and exciting imagery.

As you can see in the example above, another practical-yet-wildly-creative way to apply the Sumi video pack to your workload involves highlight reels and demo videos. Whether it’s for athletes, artists, or branding, at some point (if you’re working in the corporate world) you’ll need to create some type of demo reel that shows how this brand stands out.  So, here’s how to apply the pack of transitionary effects to your clips using After Effects.

Working with Ink Drops

Create Epic Ink Drops in After Effects + Free Ink Drops — Using Ink Drops

First things first: drag the Ink Drop layer on top of your clip on the timeline. Then use the Track Matte and select Luma Inverted Matte for the clip. This will disable the ink drop layer while using it as a matte for our clip. This method is for blending her in with the dark ink, so if you’d like to place your image in white ink, simply choose the Luma Matte option, not the Inverted Luma Matte.

Controlling the Speed

If you’re working with slow motion footage or wish to play with the speed of your clips, fortunately, you can control the speed and intensity of the ink drops right from your After Effects timeline. Right-click the ink drop layer, and hit Time > Enable Time Remapping. You’ll see a Keyframe at the beginning of your clip, then create a new keyframe where the ink drop is fully revealed.

Create Epic Ink Drops in After Effects + Free Ink Drops — Time Remapping

Once you’ve done this, you can move the second keyframe closer or further away from the first one and control the speed at which the ink drop reveals. This will create a speed ramping effect. So yo might want to change the speed of your clip accordingly so the two are not different speeds that look jarring. For even more control of the Speed, hit Graph Editor (as seen above), and you’ll see a curve you can play with for the speed at which your effect will move.

Applying Effects

Create Epic Ink Drops in After Effects + Free Ink Drops — Applying Effects

At some point, you’ll need to apply a transition-type effect to  the clip, so search through video Effects > Distort > Turbulent Displace, then drag the effect onto the video clip. Create a keyframe on the clip when the ink drop transition begins, then move later in the timeline and increase the Displacement to meet your needs. Once you’ve done this, Jordy recommends adding a Gaussian Blur to make the clip look a little more dreamy and less sharp.

You can use the video pack for many different title sequences, action scenes, and unique commercial projects. The possibilities are endless with Sumi. Cinecom has included a download for free samples to work with so you can get an idea about how the pack works.

Download free samples here.

Download the video pack here.