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Celebrate Star Wars Day with an Intergalactic Election


After the release of The Force Awakens and Rogue One, Star Wars mania has once again reached a zenith — but the force has always been strong with the sci-fi franchise that forever changed the worlds of filmmaking and popular culture. And with self-proclaimed geeks also frequently being lovers of a good pun, it’s no surprise that today, May 4th, has become increasingly recognized around the world as Star Wars Day. (“May the Fourth be with you.”)

This Star Wars Day, we’re revisiting our “Race for the Republic” series of political-ad spoofs paying tribute to the Droids, Jedi, and Sith we all know and love. After all, Pond5 footage frequently appears in real-world political ads, so we can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be in otherworldly ones, too. Watch all the videos below, and click on any of the links underneath them to vote for your favorite.

Chewbacca/Solo:”Let the Wookiee Win”

Darth Vader: “Elect the Empire”

R2D2/C3PO: “The Droids You’re Looking For”

Ewoks/Green Party: “Vote Freedom”

Organa/Calrissian: “It’s Not a Trap”
Want to see how we made these videos? Take a trip behind the scenes!
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