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5 Animated Title Tutorials for All Your Titling Needs


Elevate your production value with some show-stopping animated titles, which you can easily create using Adobe After Effects.

Really effective videos make a statement within the first 30 seconds. So how do you do that? A well-crafted title sequence, for starters. Here’s a compilation of the best titling tutorials you should be watching to enhance your next video project.

1. Fantasy/Epic FX

This “two-for” tutorial by Video Copilot teaches you how to make stunning fantasy title sequences like the ones in Fantastic Beasts, Lord of the Rings, or even Game of Thrones — as well as dramatic logo reveals using the same effects. And this tutorial does everything in After Effects — no third-party plugins or drivers. It also shows you how to use the light tools in AE to give your composition a more cinematic effect. This tutorial is over 40 minutes long, so if you are going to attempt this one, go ahead and make a day of it.

2. Animating Text Stroke

If you are looking for the “Gatsby” effect for your video, this tutorial is for you. This title sequence is a great way to fill a quick spot and stylize it while maintaining simplicity.

3. Glow-Warp Titles

There’s just something about the ’80s RGB aesthetic that is blowing up right now. In this tutorial, you will learn how to separate a title out into its composite colors and warp it on the screen. Perfect for your throwback ’80s montages.

4. Transparent Titles

If you want to keep your titles simple while still adding a bit of flair, create transparent titles. This video will show you how to add motion to your text without adding even a single keyframe.

5. Double Exposure Titles

If you’re a fan of the True Detective title sequence, then try these titles on for size. Using double exposure techniques, this tutorial shows you how to manipulate two layers of video to create a mood in your character’s silhouettes.

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