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Media Maker Spotlight: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis


“I think [Pond5] is an excellent concept. To me it’s almost like the idea of the garage sale: everybody has something that’s of use to other people” — Ryan Lewis

In this week’s Media Maker Spotlight, we bring you yet another pair of world-class artists who keep pushing the boundaries of media making. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis met years ago through MySpace, got together in Ryan’s house and just never stopped exploring the meeting of video and music. In Ryan’s vision, video is one of the most powerful tools to enhance the emotions that a song originally captures, and Pond5 has been one of his helping hands on that exploration.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a front seat to witness once again how empowering our community can be to makers all around the world.

“Because of technology today, everyone is a media maker, and Pond5 lets anyone contribute and potentially make money. I never expected that one little clip from that day would end up in a video that gets 121 million hits on YouTube. That’s awesome” — Pond5 contributor Craig Efstratis

But there’s also another reason for our excitement with this interview. As we said in our latest press announcement, empowering media makers has always been and will continue to be our greatest purpose, and that means we are always focusing on both sides of our community equation: media users and contributors.

That’s why we are also featuring our contributor Craig Efstratis (aka CreativeTVllc), whose clips have now been featured in several different places, including Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ video for the Grammy Award-winning song “Same Love,” with around 121 million views on YouTube right now. Just like him, you can also use Pond5 to claim your place in the media maker’s landscape, and reach broader audiences.

Military Bombs Explosion by Craig Efstratis, featured in Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love”

And since we’re already talking about how powerful a combination Pond5 media can be with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, what better way to end than with the video clip for “Same Love” — where not only Craig’s clip, but also several other great clips from our pool of contributors get their spot in the sun. Enjoy!