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Natural Wonders: Pond5 Artists Celebrating the Majesty of Nature


Whether it’s a snow-topped mountain, a densely populated forest, or a sand-strewn plateau, the natural world never ceases to amaze. This month, we celebrate nature, through the sounds and visions that have our curators heading for the hills (and valleys).

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Featured video artist
Devin Supertramp

DevinSupertramp (aka Devin Graham) is a YouTube star known for his videos of extreme sports, exotic locations, and adventure. Check out the stunning footage of the people, flora, and fauna of Guatemala in his collection celebrating the natural world.

View of Lake and a Girl Walking on the Hilltop by DevinSupertramp

Waterfall in the Forest, Guatemala by DevinSupertramp

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Featured SFX artist

Colin Hart is a professional sound-effects artist based in Los Angeles who specializes in capturing high-quality, high-intensity sounds in the wild, like whinnying horses and tropical thunder. The sounds of nature come alive in his portfolio.

Thunder With No Rain by HartFX

Tropical Night Bugs Ambience by HartFX

Tribe of Noise Collection
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Featured photo artist

London-based agency ImageSource climbs the highest mountains and dives into the deepest jungles to get the shot you need. With photos and videos spanning the continents, you can celebrate nature in all its forms in this vast collection.

Trees Growing on Rocky Hillside
Trees Growing on Rocky Hillside by ImageSource

Young Woman and Plants
Young Woman and Plants by ImageSource

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Featured collection
Fascinating Nature

Nature photography comprises far more than simple landscapes — it also portrays and documents the finest details of the natural world, its many inhabitants, and the mutual relationship between all of us and Mother Nature. Discover the mesmerizing minutiae in this specially curated collection.

Woman with Basket in the Forest
Woman with Basket in the Forest by ImageSource

fascinating nature collection
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