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Automatically Edit Videos Using this Awesome AE Plugin


Watch your video get edited before your eyes using this amazing After Effects plugin.

As a video editor or motion graphic designer you probably try to save as much time as you can by using various tools or techniques for streamlining your workflow. This can come in the form of keyboard shortcuts, scripts, or even using templates. However, we may have found the next great tool for significantly slimming down the editing process.

Automated Video Editing

The tool is called Automated Video Editing and as the name implies it can be used to automatically edit videos to a song without touching the timeline at all. The After Effects plugin works by analyzing the song decibels and cutting when they reach a certain point. The results aren’t perfect, but if you are wanting to quickly cut a series of videos to a beat it might be a timesaving approach.

The following video created by the plugin developers show the script in-action. As you can see in the video, the final result is pretty good considering it was edited by a robot!

This tool was released in the wake of a pretty amazing algorithm developed by the Disney Research and Development that intelligently recognizes and cuts footage based on content, angle, and seamless transition. While the Automated Video Editing plugin isn’t quite that advanced, it certainly will do the trick when you’re short on time.

Pricing and Availability

The Automated Video Editing plugin is available from aescripts for $44.99. There is also a free version for you to try out, but is limited to only 10 clips.