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Introducing Pond5 Exclusives: An All-New, Highly Curated Collection


2016 has been a big year for Pond5. We introduced our new brand, launched our new blog, and rolled out a whole suite of new features. And now it’s time for another announcement: the debut of Pond5 Exclusives.

Featuring some of the best artists and imagery in the world, Pond5 Exclusives is an all-new, highly curated collection of stunning video you won’t find anywhere else. With thousands of high-quality clips, it includes work that is at once unique, inspiring, and timely.

Explore the collection directly from the Pond5 Exclusives page, or by using the search options on the main site. All clips that are part of the collection are clearly labeled “Exclusive” in search, so you can spot them right away.

Showcasing authentic, dynamic scenes and themes, Pond5 Exclusives explores what’s happening in the world today, with a focus on real people, important insights, and evocative environments. Better yet, clips in the Exclusives collection start at just $99 for HD and $199 for 4K.

Dive into Pond5 Exclusives and discover one-of-a-kind work from artists including Aeroflow, DevinSuperTramp, Bigtuna, Themightypixel, and more. Immerse yourself in urban landscapes, sweeping vistas, and amazing aerials, or get a taste of Rio before the games or startup life in London. And this is only the beginning: following the launch, we’ll be continuing to grow the collection, bringing more artists and videos on board every day.

Start exploring the Pond5 Exclusives collection today and discover all the amazing media our artists have been creating to help you create your own best work.
Explore clips used in the video above in these collections of Pond5 Exclusives highlights:

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