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How to Install and Use Motion Graphic Templates (MOGRT) in Premiere Pro + FREE Templates


An incredibly powerful tool that not nearly enough people are using. MOGRTs give video editors the power of After Effects motion design tools all inside of Premiere Pro. Here’s how you can use them.

It’s not a shock to say that video editors will often turn to using After Effects templates, only to be completely lost and confused in AE. It’s not an intuitive program if you don’t spend all your time in there. This is something Adobe knows and is one of the reasons why they created MOGRTs.  These motion graphics templates brings After Effects features into Premiere Pro natively. Meaning you can open this template in Premiere Pro and edit the text, color, and a variety of options all inside of Premiere. You never have to open After Effects to make adjustments or change options.

I’ve personally been using MOGRTs since they were originally released. In fact, it’s one of my 5 most-used and favorite Premiere Pro features. Here’s how you can start using them in your projects and a few mogrts you should download yourself.

How to Install and Use Motion Graphic Templates in Premiere Pro

Follow these steps to get mogrts in Premiere Pro.

1. Open Premiere Pro Essential Graphics panel


Inside of Adobe Premiere Pro CC, open the Essential Graphics panel. You can find it under Window > Essential Graphics.

2.  Add mogrts to your library


In the bottom right corner of the Essential Graphcs panel, hit the import button. Navigate to the mogrt file you downloaded, and select it. Click open. Your mogrt is now inside the Premiere Pro Essential Graphics library.

 3. Drag and drop the template onto your Premiere Pro timeline


Grab the mogrt you just installed in the library and drag it on the the Premiere Pro timeline.

4. Customize Template


Open the Edit tab in the Essential Graphics panel to find all the options you are able to customize with the MOGRT you are installing.

Important Note About Mogrts and After Effects


Mogrts can be created inside of Premiere Pro, After Effects, and even Premiere Rush, but that does not mean they are all compatible. If you are using Premiere Pro, you may need to have After Effects installed on your machine so the mogrt can reference certain AE tools. You never have to open Ae, but it may need to be installed depending on the type of mogrt you are using. If you do not have After Effects included with your subscription, you can install Adobe’s trial version of Ae and the mogrts will still work.

If you are using Premiere Rush, as of now you can only use mogrts that were created in Premiere. Most mogrts made in Ae are not yet compatible with the mobile Rush app. Hopefully this is fixed in a future update.

Where to Get Animated MOGRTs for Premiere Pro

There are a few places you can find these motion graphic templates, including some that are totally FREE to use. Here are some that I use ALL the time.

Texture Titles

This pack includes 10 different MOGRTs with popular looks that can be easily customized in the Essential Graphics panel.

  • Number of Files: 10 MOGRTs
  • Price: FREE

Get Titles

Motion Graphics for Premiere

Using this free pack of 21 motion graphics templates for Premiere, you can quickly add customizable motion to your video projects without ever opening After Effects.

  • Number of Files: 22 (21 MOGRTs + 1 AEP)
  • Price: FREE

Get Motion Graphics


This is the one MOGRT I personally use the most. It’s a very lightweight template so it works quickly and also gives you a ton of options like 14 different animation, a bunch of style effects like textures and neon glow, and is made to be layered and stacked to make custom looks very easily.

  • Number of Files: 1 super-packed Mogrt
  • Price: $10 (Discounted Right Now)

Get SuperMOGRT

Textured Transitions

This free pack from PremiumBeat includes 15 transitions with textured, scribbles, and painted elements.

  • Number of Files: 16 (15 Mogrts + 1 AEP)
  • Price: FREE

Get Transitions

Animated Lower Thirds

This incredibly popular Rocketstock pack not only includes 15 different looks, you also get the Ae project for those wanting to customize even more.

  • Number of Files:16 (15 MOGRTs + 1 AEP)
  • Price: FREE

Get Lower Thirds

Horror Movie Titles Minimal Pedigree

This template was designed to be used on horror film trailers, but I just love the way it looks. You can turn off the background and change the font and color, so it’s very easy to get very different looks.

  • Number of Files: 1 MOGRT
  • Price: FREE

Get Horror Titles