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Unity Lite: 5 Free Wedding Titles and 16 Light Leaks


Give your wedding projects the elegant look they deserve with Unity Lite, a free wedding titles and light leaks pack from RocketStock.

Modern wedding clients expect a lot out of the videographers they hire. No more can you simply be a person with a camera. As professional equipment gets more affordable, the quality standards that people expect have increased as well. This is especially true when you’re editing. To help you capitalize on this this new reality, we’ve put together Unity Lite — a free pack of five wedding titles and sixteen bonus light leaks.

Inside the free Unity Lite download, you’ll find our curated collection of five wedding titles, sixteen light leaks, and a video tutorial explaining how to use them in your video projects.

Free Wedding Titles: Wedding Badge

The Light Leaks

The light leaks featured in Unity Lite include six ambient and ten transition clips. These light leaks have been specifically shot with weddings in mind. You won’t find a lot of frills or fractals; these light leaks are smooth and clean, perfect for modern wedding videos. These drag-and-drop assets work with any video editing software.

The Badges

The badges included in Unity Lite were handmade with wedding videographers in mind. They can be customized in Adobe After Effects using an easy-to-understand template. In the template, users can easily change the names of the bride and groom, along with the date of the wedding. The After Effects template will automatically change all of the badges based on the names and numbers you input. If you want to customize the free wedding titles even further, you can easily adjust each composition as needed.

Free Wedding Titles: Unity Example

These five badges are only a small part of RocketStock’s Unity: 20 Wedding Titles pack. Unity is an exclusive pack of twenty wedding titles, perfect for the modern editor. The template includes all of the same easy-to-customize functionalities found here in Unity Lite, but with more designs that can transform your wedding videos into cinematic masterpieces.

Here’s a quick demo of all 20 wedding badges from Unity: