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Free After Effects Template: Circle Bursts


Make your motion graphics more dynamic with circle bursts. Download this free After Effects template!

Flat shape layer animations are more popular then ever – we’re seeing this graphic style in everything from commercials to infographics. These simple shapes can breathe life into other wise dull projects and compositions….but creating them is time consuming. So, we’ve got a treat for you below!

In addition to our premium AE templates, we’ve made it our mission to improve your motion graphics projects by giving away free After Effects templates and tools every month!

This month’s free After Effects template (below) is a set of 2D circle burst assets to use in your projects. The assets are all 100% free to use and you don’t have to credit us in any way, but sharing on social media is always appreciated!

Here’s a quick demo of the assets in-action:

Download Here

Note: These video assets were designed with After Effects in mind, but can be used in any non-linear video editing application.

In total, there are 12 individual circle burst assets in 3 different speeds: fast, normal, and slow. Under most circumstances you will probably use the fast circle burst speed, but depending on your project you may want to use something slower or change the time-remapping. The elements can be easily modified in this free After Effects template.

Using the Assets

Circle Burst Imported

The circle burst assets were created to be extremely easy to use. Simply import your asset of choice into your project and drag it to your desired timeline. Once you have positioned and scaled the asset to your liking, you can colorize it by adding the ‘Tritone’ effect to the asset. Each color in the Tritone menu will effect a corresponding color in the asset itself.

Circle Burst Assets with Tritone