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Explore this month’s featured events as we find archival gems from our vast range of editorial content—surfacing top-quality, timely inspiration for your marketing calendars, news, or documentary projects. Relive 1989 with Taylor Swift, catch up with LeBron James, explore The People’s Republic of China, remember the bombing of St. Paul’s Cathedral, and commemorate the establishment of the United Nations.


People’s Republic of China Established

October 1, 1949

After a lengthy civil war between Nationalist and Communist forces, Mao Zedong united China in founding the People’s Republic of China. For years leading up to this point, the Communists had captured major cities and garnered support from the rural population. Zedong had framed the Communist struggle as one for national liberation, promising to restore the country’s sovereignty from foreign influence.

This development brought about land redistribution, industrialization, and aggressive economic and social transformations, with dire consequences, including widespread famine and financial setbacks. Later economic reforms allowed China to enjoy the fruits of foreign trade and investment, and they are now the world’s second-largest economy. Discover more about this fascinating era in our curated People’s Republic of China stock video collection.

Leaders encourage Chinese people to support the War by GovernmentFootage


St Paul’s Cathedral bombed

October 9, 1940

The London bombings were relentless during the Autumn of 1940. During an overnight air raid in the Battle of Britain, the German Luftwaffe hit the iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral. The strike punctured the dome and left the high altar in ruins—relatively minor damage compared to surrounding structures. St. Paul’s Cathedral had remained remarkably unscathed against an otherwise bleak backdrop.

The resilience of this historical building symbolized Britain’s unwavering resolve. Once hit, civil defense teams protected the cathedral from fire, making daring efforts to remove unexploded bombs from its roof. The cathedral withstood the Blitz, and its bells rang out for significant wartime milestones like the war’s end in Europe. Explore more on the topic with our St. Paul’s footage collection.

1940s: King George and Queen Elizabeth Examine Destruction by avgeeks


Establishment of the United Nations

October 24, 1945

During WWII, major Allied powers created a peace-driven organization. The United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union determined the design and decision-making, partially basing it on the defunct League of Nations. However, the “Big Three” faced differences. Stalin’s Soviet Union pushed for membership and voting rights for their republics, while Churchill’s Britain wanted their colonies independent of UN control. Not least, discrepancies around voting methods for the Security Council became known as the “veto problem.”

Talks continued despite difficulties until the Charter of the United Nations was eventually produced at the United Nations Conference on International Organization (UNCIO). It was enacted on October 24, 1945, formally establishing the UN. See more on this origin story with our curated United Nations footage collection.

1945 – Speeches at The United Nations Conference by retrofootage


Taylor Swift ‘1989’ Anniversary

October 27, 2014

Nearly a decade after its first release, music icon Taylor Swift will release her latest re-recording—1989 (Taylor’s Version). Following the country-oriented ‘Fearless’ and ‘Speak Now’ and alt-pop ‘Red,’ this album highlights a turning point in her monumental career: her first official pop album. BBC credits this ‘retro-futuristic masterpiece’ as the fullest expression of Swift’s new pop persona, an album transcending time in music and lyric.

Come October 27, 1989 (Taylor’s Version) will arrive hot off the heels of nine recent VMA trophy wins, including Best Pop Video for the song Anti-Hero. While Swift has been re-releasing her music since April 2021, she shares that this 1989 is her favorite Taylor’s Version. Fans can expect five new ‘From the Vault’ tracks alongside the 16 originals. Catch coverage of her illustrious career in this expertly sourced curated Taylor Switft stock media collection.

Taylor Swift Releases ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’ Album by Reuters


LeBron James debuts in NBA

October 30, 2003

Two months and one day shy of his nineteenth birthday, LeBron James sat alone and chewed his nails at Arco Arena. What he did next made him an overnight sensation. In that game, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ No. 1 overall draft pick racked up 25 points, nine assists, six rebounds, and four steals in 42 minutes.

James couldn’t sleep nor stretch the night before and missed his usual pre-game nap from the nerves. As one of the league’s most anticipated rookies, he was under pressure—as heavy as what a $90 million deal with Nike can weigh. But he did not buckle. At his first game, Le Bron announced his presence and exceeded everyone’s expectations. Witness the rise of the Chosen One in our professionally curated LeBron James video collection.

Lebron Signs Two-Year, $85 Million Extension With Lakers by Reuters


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