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Using Pond5 Filters to Find the Perfect Assets


The stock footage and music libraries on Pond5 are second to none. The library holds over 40 million stock video clips and over 2.2 million music tracks. This massive selection means you will find the perfect asset for your project. But how do you uncover the content you need without feeling like you are searching for a needle in a haystack? It’s Pond5’s powerful filters to the rescue. Here, we will show you how to find the perfect stock assets for your project.

In this article, we’ll delve into the filters available on Pond5, unraveling their magic and empowering you to discover assets that elevate your projects. From footage to music, we’ll explore how filters streamline your search, enhance relevance, and ensure that every click brings you closer to your creative vision.


Understanding the Power of Filters

So why use the filters on Pond5 when you can just use the search bar? The short answer is: to save you time! We recommend utilizing proper search terms and filters together for the best results. But often, just with a title search, you will still be left with thousands (if not millions) of results! Filters will help you quickly narrow down results to find the perfect asset for your project. In addition to the title, Pond5 connects critical data, such as price and duration, to each stock asset. This information is especially useful for music tracks because you can’t precisely narrow down the mood or genre of a song based on the title alone.

Let’s start by looking at all the footage search filters Pond5 offers.


Footage Search Filters

When you use the onsite search tool to find stock video clips on Pond5, you will see a “Filters” bar on the top left of the search results page underneath the Pond5 logo. Click the arrow to reveal 11 unique filtering options, each with detailed refinement choices.

These filters include Price, Resolution, Usage Rights, Duration, Number of People, and more. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each footage filter.

Price: Probably the most important filter for most users. (There is a reason this filter is at the top!) This filter allows you to set a price range that matches your budget. Not only will this filter help you to be more cost-effective, but it will also keep you from overspending and help you find the affordable gems in the Pond5 footage library. Note that a “Free” content filter exists in the “Additional filters” section further down the page.

Usage: This filter allows you to select between Commercial or Editorial Usage. Commercial is for content generally available for advertising, promotion, merchandising, etc. Editorial is for newsworthy content or general public interest and not cleared for advertising.

Resolution: This filter allows you to select different video resolutions—everything from SD to 4K and even beyond with 5K+.

Collections: This filter allows you to refine your search to different footage categories available on Pond5, such as News & Archival or Subscription, which narrows results to display just items included with the Pond5 footage subscription. There is an All Exclusive filter for media that is only available on Pond5 and Marquee content that is hand-picked and of premium quality.

1930S Cars People Cross Madison Street Bridge Chicago Vintage Film Home Movie by DogPhonics.

Visually Similar: This cutting-edge filter allows you to upload a video or image and filter footage with a similar composition or color.

Duration: This slider allows you to filter for the length of video clips displayed in the results. The option to filter by time is especially beneficial if you need a video clip that runs on the longer end of the spectrum.

FPS: This option allows you to filter for the clip’s framerate (frames per second). The range runs from 23.97 to 60+.

People: Filter footage based on the number of people in the video clip and for a specific gender.

Artist: Do you have a favorite Pond5 Artist? Use this filter to search for a specific Artist; the results will only display their work.

Additional Filters: This filter allows you even more options for filtering. Select from various parameters, such as Alpha Channel, Loopable, 360/VR, Free, and more!

My Search Preferences: This filter lets you select if you want to include Adult or Sensitive content in your search results.


Music Search Filters

When searching music tracks on Pond5, you will find the music filters across the top, directly below the search bar. Six different music filters allow for further refinement.

Finding the right music track can be especially tricky because you can’t immediately “see” a preview or a thumbnail image as you can on a video clip. Therefore, music filters are critical. Let’s dive into the benefits of each music filter.

Price: Easily set a price range that matches your project budget. From $0 to $100+.

Duration: Set the desired length for the music track to work within your project. The duration filter is excellent for filtering out longer tracks or finding shorter intro/outro tracks.

Mood: What kind of feel do you need for your track? Select from 11 moods, including Action, Chill, Happy, Cinematic, and more. You can also select multiple options to narrow your search even more!

Genre: Select from 15 different genres. Again, you can also select multiple genres to narrow your search. Choose from Ambient, Orchestral, Video Game, Hip Hop, and more.

Tempo: Select from three music tempos: Slow, Medium, and Fast. It is great for quickly filtering out tracks that aren’t your desired speed. You can also select more than one speed to filter at a time.

More: This filter allows you to select even more filter options, such as Artist, Public Domain, and Free. You can also filter to only see PremiumBeat music tracks. Many people don’t know that PremiumBeat music is available on Pond5!


Free Expert Research from the Pond5 Team

Pond5 also offers Free Expert Research if you don’t have time to search for assets. Simply fill out a form stating what you need for your project, and within 48 hours of the request, they’ll email a link to your inbox with your personalized, curated collection of Pond5 media!



Time is both a precious commodity and a creative catalyst for content creation. Pond5 understands this balance, and their filters allow you to navigate through their vast expanse of stock media. Here’s why Pond5 filters are your secret weapon:

Time-Saving Efficiency: Filters allow you to bypass the noise and focus on what truly matters. Whether you’re searching for that breathtaking drone shot or a soul-stirring piano melody, filters narrow down your options.

Precision at Your Fingertips: Need a 4K clip with a duration of 30 seconds? Pond5’s filters ensure you find the exact content you want.

Cost-Effectiveness: The price filter lets you explore within your financial comfort zone.

Inspiration Unleashed: Sometimes, the perfect asset lies just beyond your initial search parameters. Experiment with filters and explore different genres.

Pond5’s filters are more than checkboxes—they’re your allies in pursuing your creative vision. Fine-tune your search and uncover the gems waiting to elevate your content!