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Explore historical stock videos for June events with archival gems from our vast editorial library—uncovering top-quality, timely inspiration for your marketing calendars, news, or documentary projects. This month, we feature Angelina Jolie, the world’s first shopping carts, World Oceans Day, nickelodeons, and the West Berlin Blockade.


Angelina Jolie is Born

June 4, 1975

This filmmaker, humanitarian, and fashion founder was born in Los Angeles, California. Years later, she studied drama at NYU and became the generation-defining Lara Croft. The world couldn’t get enough. To have existed on planet Earth for more than three decades means to have heard of everything from the ‘kissing siblings’ to her preventative double mastectomy, from high-profile romances to the charity sale of newborn photographs (for $14 million). Today, we see more clearly the figure of a creative mother and artist: a woman with compassion and complexity behind the most recognizable eyes in the world.

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Academy Awards 2012, Hollywood – 26 Feb 2012 Video by Celebrity_Footage.


World’s First Shopping Carts Introduced

June 4, 1937

“It’s new – It’s sensational. No more baskets to carry.” Sylvan N. Goldman, the owner of Oklahoma’s Humpty Dumpty supermarket chain, placed an ad extolling the carry-all virtues of his new invention in the Oklahoma City papers. Initially, customers didn’t react well. Young men felt the carts would make them look weak, while women thought them unfashionably suggestive of a baby carriage. But Goldman knew they just needed a little… push. So, he hired fake shoppers of both sexes and various ages. These undercover carters would trawl the aisles, looking cool, calm, and collected. It worked so well that by 1940, customers were waitlisted for seven years to buy one.

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Supermarkets Grow And Thrive In The 1950S And 1960S And The Checkout Girl Is A Video by retrofootage.


First UN World Oceans Day

June 8, 2009

The United Nations hosted their inaugural celebration themed ‘Our Oceans, Our Responsibility.’ People came together to celebrate precious oceans while raising awareness of the threats they face. Governments, NGOs, communities, and individuals worldwide held beach clean-ups and educational programs, art exhibits, and film screenings, all promoting ocean conservation. World Oceans Day continues to grow significantly and is a yearly reminder of the urgent need to protect and conserve marine ecosystems.

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Retro South Sea Elephant Seal Rests By The Waves Video by TheRedaArchives


First Nickelodeon Ushers in Film Theaters

June 19, 1905

At an affordable 5 cents each, 450 people attend the opening day of the world’s first nickelodeon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Accessible nickelodeons soon sprung up around the country, entertaining large audiences with live vaudeville acts and short films under a minute long. These storefront theaters attracted investment, and by 1910, we saw bigger theaters with better seating, sound systems, and projection equipment. The appetite for thrills led to a rise in film-making, a crucial stepping stone to today’s dynamic industry. So next time you hit the cinema or stream a show, spare a thought to the nickelodeons that came before.

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A Nickelodeon Motion Picture From 1904 Is Shown. Video by retrofootage


West Berlin Blockade

June 24, 1948

After World War II, the Allied Powers, including the Soviet Union, occupied and administered Germany as part of the post-war settlement. Deep within the Soviet Zone, Berlin was split among the Allies. When the Western Allies introduced the Deutsche Mark, the Soviet Union cut off land and water routes to West Berlin.
The Western Allies responded with the Berlin Airlift, flying in supplies for two million residents, and the Communist press laughed at what they deemed “futile American attempts to save face and to maintain their untenable position in Berlin.” The Airlift succeeded, and the blockade ended in May 1949.

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Berlin Airlift Prevails Against Soviet Blockade 1948 Video by BuyoutFootage


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