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Explore historical stock videos from July events with archival footage from our vast editorial library. Discover top-quality, timely inspiration for your marketing calendars, news, or documentary projects. This month, we feature the Salvation Army, the Dalai Lama, the Battle of Britain, Disneyland, and the Summer Games.


Salvation Army Founded

July 2, 1865

Preacher William Booth and wife Catherine founded an institution to fight poverty in London’s slums. They called it the Christian Mission and started soup kitchens before causing a stir with unconventional tactics for the time—such as platforming women preachers and playing loud music in open-air meetings.

The organization grew despite criticism, became the Salvation Army, and expanded to the US, where it gained recognition for its work during the Great Depression and both world wars. Today, the Salvation Army provides essential social and emergency services in over 130 countries.

Rediscover the Salvation Army in this curated collection.

UK, London: Modern Music For The Salvation Army Video by Reuters.


Dalai Lama is Born

July 6, 1935

His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, is Tibet’s spiritual and temporal leader. Dalai Lamas are considered manifestations of the Bodhisattva of Compassion, who chose to reincarnate to serve others. Tenzin Gyatso was two years old when a Tibetan government search party recognized him as the reincarnation of his predecessor.
The fascinating figure grew up in a monastery and was exiled to India after the Chinese military occupation of Tibet in 1959. There, he championed Tibetan rights and cultural preservation. His Holiness has engaged extensively with Western leaders—the first Dalai Lama to do so—and is globally recognized for his values of universal responsibility and understanding.

Discover more about this fascinating figure in our curated Dalai Lama collection.

The Dalai Lama Conducts A Prayer Meeting In The High Hill Town Of Mussoorie, Video by retrofootage.


Battle of Britain Begins

July 10, 1940

The Royal Air Force (RAF) defended the UK from Nazi occupation in the first major battle fought solely in the skies. Victory was achieved by the commitment of ‘The Many’ citizens who contributed to the war effort and the sacrifice of ‘The Few’, the 2,945 multinational RAF aircrew.

During the peak of the battle, 749 RAF aircraft were up against 2,550 enemy planes. So how did they win? By monitoring Nazi craft with the world’s first early warning radar network and 30,000 civilians who formed the widespread Observer Corps. The RAF headquarters then shared relevant information with a network of defense groups. Thanks to these efforts, Nazi Germany experienced their first major military defeat.

Remember the dramatic Battle of Britain with our complete collection.

1940 World War Two Battle Of Britain: Raf Pilots, Victory Scenes Video by TheArchivalCollection


Disneyland Opens

July 17, 1955

The only park directly supervised by Walt Disney opened in California after a year of construction costing $17 million. On its first day, Disney delivered a dedication speech emphasizing his vision behind the park: to evoke fond memories and inspire future generations.

The event was planned to host 11,000 guests, but things took an unexpected turn when 28,000 attendees turned up with counterfeit tickets. Drinking fountains ran dry, food sold out, rides malfunctioned, and there was a gas leak. Nevertheless, Disney fixed things and invited the press back for a smoother experience. It clearly worked!

Celebrate Disney magic with our curated Disneyland collection.

Disneyland Entrance With Train Arriving 1950S Video by SochProd


Summer Games Begin

July 26, 2024

Ten thousand five hundred athletes and millions of spectators will meet in Paris for the XXXIII Olympiad. The first event took place in 1896, and now, the International Olympic Committee is evolving the heritage into inclusive, gender-balanced, and youth-centered Games.

As a result, Paris 2024 is adding four new sports to the agenda, including breaking (an Olympics first), sport climbing, skateboarding, and surfing. Get ready for all the grit and the glory as these dedicated athletes make history. But first, look back at all the action over time with our nostalgic Summer Games curated collection.

Drone Views Of Paris Olympics Sites Video by Reuters


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