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True Blue: A Collection of Photos and Videos Celebrating the Hue


Blue is so much more than just a hue. Blue is the favored color choice for toothbrushes, berries, crayons, and Democrats. Studies show that blue photos get more likes on Instagram. Blue is even the subject of its own feature film. It’s the only color that’s also a feeling, which spawned a beloved genre of music. Comedians who work blue push the envelope and challenge society’s norms. And if that’s not enough to prove the power of this color, Beyoncé named her kid Blue. From the depths of the ocean floor to a galaxy far, far away, here is a collection of the cool, the mysterious, and the moody color blue.
Boy on a Journey
Boy on a Journey by RooMtheAgency
Blue Balloon Floating Against Blue Sky
Blue Balloon Floating Against Blue Sky by leekrob

Aerial View of Ocean and Waves by Wundervisuals
Rubber Ring
Rubber Ring by RooMtheAgency

Icelandic Ice Cave Timelapse Pan Scene by jamenpercy
hard coral macro on night dive light
Macro Coral on a Night Dive by andrea_izzotti

Moon Jellyfish Underwater by lovemushroom
Stars in the Night Sky, Milky Way Galaxy
Milky Way Galaxy by EpicStockMedia
Check out our full hand-curated True Blue Collection below, and for even more inspiration, explore thousands more blue video clips in the Pond5 library.

True Blue Collection

Top image: Swimming Under Waves, Hawaii by RooMtheAgency