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Welcome to the Urban Jungle: Pond5 Artists Focusing on City Life


City life isn’t for everyone. There’s hustle and bustle, endless noise, and constant stimulation of all the senses. But whether you thrive on the organized chaos or just dream of a brief immersion before returning to a quieter life, few can resist its clarion call. This month, our curators are firmly in that urban mindset as they focus on the artists who find their inspiration in the beautiful mess of metropolitan living.

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Featured video artist

Longtime Pond5 contributors tattoostock have tremendous skill for making the mundane majestic. While we may pass through cities paying little attention, tattoostock let us absorb these moments in epic capacities, with sweeping aerial views of skylines lit in all their splendor, and bustling traffic in dramatic timelapses back on the ground.

City Business District Aerial View. by Tattoostock

Stylish Man Walking in the City by Tattoostock

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Featured After Effects artist

RockRobin’s lively templates embody all the energy and dynamism of the modern metropolis. Use them to captivate your audience with high-impact imagery, frenetic pacing, and all the promise and possibility of life in the world’s most populated and diverse environments.

3D Photo Slide by RockRobin

Dynamic Opener by RockRobin

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Featured music artist

Imagine a post-apocalyptic industrial wasteland where machines prevail. What type of music do our mechanical overlords listen to? Most likely tracks created by Uzbek producer DidaDrone, who concocts bizarre soundscapes that clash and clang and snap and break with a rhythmic sensibility all their own.

Asteroid Vesta by DidaDrone

So Tragic by DidaDrone

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Featured collection
Urban Jungle: Photography

From concrete skyscrapers to asphalt streets, the city surrounds us with its manmade marvels, but urban life is about more than just where we are — it’s about who we are. Explore this hand-picked collection of the people, places, and things that bring life to the urban jungle.

Graffiti Artist Under Street Signs, Venice Beach, California by ImageSource

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Top image: Friends Playing Urban Golf in the City by westend61