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Fall 2016 Video Trends: Technology, Youth, and Handheld Aesthetics


When you’re dealing with millions of video files, with thousands added every day, trends constantly emerge. At Pond5, we’re always looking at data, including sales, artist uploads, patterns in film and commercial placements, and searches on the site, all of which enable us to identify current video trends that are helping to shape the media landscape. For Fall 2016, there are three main types of footage that have seen a major uptick in the marketplace — discover what they are and learn more below.

1. Wearable and Mobile Tech

Video footage featuring wearable and mobile tech, such as VR headsets and smartwatches is in high demand, as it can be used to cover a range of topics, from innovations in augmented reality to the cutting edge of mobile computing.

Man Wearing a VR Headset by RodinHamidi

The secret here is relevance. Media content portraying wearable technology, such as a runner using an Apple Watch to track fitness, or a gamer using an Oculus Rift, is on the rise as the technology itself becomes more popular. This footage can be seen and used everywhere from healthcare commercials to digital promotions for mobile apps.

Heart Rate Pulse Checking on Smartwatch by Vulk

Designer Working on a Creative Project by Framegrab

Additionally, traditional mobile devices (tablets, phones, e-readers) are still popular, and media content with them continues to sell. There are endless possible variations of different devices and their many uses — at home, at work, at doctor’s offices, or in any number of industries. Check out this United Healthcare commercial from April 2016, with customers contacting their provider via smartphone:

There’s also more demand for imagery of smartwatches, phones, tablets, and VR headsets and equipment in everyday use — in the office, at home, outside, or while exercising.

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2. Dynamic Motion

Making a comeback this year is a preference for the look of handheld footage. A camera constantly in motion creates dynamic footage that keeps the audience’s attention by following the action and characters. In this day and age, with everybody shooting video on cellphones, handheld footage is gaining new popularity as we become more accustomed to seeing and shooting it.

Handheld Mid-Shot of Hooded Athlete by Icsnaps

Using a handheld camera provides a nice contrast to more cinematic footage, creating a compelling mix of visuals and action. Because buyers only use a few seconds of each shot, content that looks too static may not be engaging enough to an audience — so clips of lifestyle footage like cooking or exercise shot with a handheld camera instead of a tripod can really help shake things up (pun intended).

Woman Talking with Male Companion Outdoors by Mooveen

Handheld footage can be both eye-catching and appealing.

Man Slicing Cheese with Knife by Tristan Houghton

The shaky-cam is also a staple in action films, used to add tension and realism, such as in this scene from Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War.

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3. Youth

Ah, millennials. Depending on who you ask, an entitled and narcissistic generation of youths, or a hard-working creative class of young innovators. Regardless, footage of young creators and professionals working on projects is increasingly popular. This imagery also embraces modern ways of working, including young entrepreneurs working remotely, collaborating on a projects in a studio, or running a local business.

Young Businessman by StockMedia1

Man Working as Craftsman in Guitar Workshop by Dualstock

Architects at Home Planning New House Design by Baranq

Many businesses create marketing strategies around appealing to millennials. Check out this commercial for Apple’s new iPhone 7 primarily featuring millennials using the product.

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Of course, these are just a few examples of what types footage are selling faster and continuing to gain popularity in commercial use. We’re constantly monitoring the data to keep up with what’s trending, so stay tuned for more updates on video trends as we head into 2017 and beyond.

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