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Contributor Tips: Capturing Fire, Healthy Eating, and Sports Anthems


What should you create this month? No bigger trend has ever been present in stock media than the transition from too-perfect visuals to content that is as natural looking as possible. Healthy living is also now more popular than ever. As always, try to stay away from clichés and overused themes, and keep an eye on the calendar so that you submit your creations well in advance before any important holidays.

Video: Flame On

Since the discovery of fire, humans have had a new symbol for storytelling. Show us how fire appears around the world: in different kinds of ovens, in cooking techniques, as a tool for warmth, in cleansing rituals, even as a natural phenomenon of destruction. Chemical flames can be interesting, too as the fire will be lit in different colors. In your shots, show us where we are and what’s happening with wider frames with more specific contexts. It will make your clips that much more relevant to potential buyers.

Flaming Stir Fry, Slow Motion by pathosmedia

Remember to be creative. We already have a tremendous number of tight closeups of flames in our collection. The same image of orange and yellow flames against a black background has become very repetitive, and uploading more of the same might mean that your clips will be overlooked by customers.

Fireplace Flame #3 by MichaelVorobiev

Music: Football Time

Fall sports season has started in much of the world, including the first NFL games. That means high energy, action, and excitement, so we’re looking for a cross between breaking0news and epic-battle music to soundtrack it.

Sports Adventure by ScoreStudio

Let’s take a break from the beachy, summer vibes until spring break. We’ve got a lot of warm weather music and don’t need any more for the time being.

Summer Ad by curtisschweizer

After Effects: Get Spooky

A lot of spooky videos are created in preparation for Halloween. As of now, though we only have 79 AE templates focusing on the holiday. It’s a great time to create your own and corner the market.

The White Fog (Cinematic Opening Titles) by S_WorX

This type of logo animation is not bad at all. However, since the variability in creating such templates is limited, even newly uploaded ones can end up looking similar to what we already have — and there are currently thousands of logo animations in our library. Try to create templates with more variety when you can.

Slices – Logo Reveal by LogoMaker

Photos: Keep It Real

Almost 50% of the photos that are sold every month contain people. Currently, we see growing demand for images of people from all different kinds of backgrounds depicting various social issues. Try to create authentic looking images that tell stories about the people in them.

Domestic Violence With Young Man And Abused Woman
Domestic Problems by diego_cervo

Everything doesn’t have to be perfect! We tend to over-stylize pictures – make them really clean, shiny, and smooth. Images with a lighter touch can look fresher and more realistic.

Dug Carrots Lying On The Arable Land
Carrots on the Ground by sever180

Illustrations: Healthy Eating

Fall might be the season of pumpkin-spice lattes and apple pies, but if you truly want to think ahead, you might want to concentrate your creative energy on what comes after the festive season: efforts to get back on the healthy-eating wagon! We want all your chia pudding, shirataki noodles, matcha smoothies, and homemade kimchi!

Green Healthy Food On The Table
Green Healthy Food by mountainbrothers

It’s getting pretty late for submitting harvest, Thanksgiving, and Halloween food themes, but if you have any ready to go, we’re still very happy to see them — for example good quality artwork of non-spookified pumpkins are something we currently miss in our collection!

Watercolor Halloween Of Pumpkins
Watercolor Halloween Pumpkins by Wolnaluna

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Top image: Watercolor Avocado Pattern by Zenina