POND5 Filmmaker First Awards – NYU Tisch Program Q&As & T&Cs


Am I eligible?
Applicants must be enrolled in one of the following classes at NYU Tisch Kanbar Institute of Film and Television:

• Intermediate Experimental
• Intermediate Narrative
• Intermediate Commercial Short Forms
• Advanced Experimental
• Advanced Narrative
• Advanced Documentary Production

When do submissions open?
Submissions for the Spring 2019 semester will be open from February 4 – March 15, 2019.

Can I submit more than one project?
No, applicants are limited to one project submission each.

I’ve submitted a particular project to this Awards program before. Can I resubmit the same project?
Applicants can submit one project per Award term; this can include a project they’ve submitted in a previous Award term. However, a particular project is not eligible for submission if it has won the Filmmaker First Award in a previous term.

Is there an entry fee?
There is no entry fee to apply.

What materials are required for the application?
Applications must include: Full Name, Email Address, Class Name, Film Title, Pitch Deck Materials (synopsis, script, concept art, lookbook, crew breakdown, budget), and a statement that describes why you want to make the project. The application also includes an optional field to include examples of your past work.

Judging & Criteria

Who is judging the submissions?
Submissions will be reviewed by an esteemed panel of professionals at Pond5, who will collectively determine the winners.

What criteria will the judges be using to determine the winners?
The judging panel will be using the following criteria when reviewing applications:

Preparation – clearly thought out production plan, budgeting, and distribution strategy
Story – script is fresh, unique, and entices readers to visualize the story on-screen
Vision – clearly conveys what the film will look like, and is in-line with the scope of the production
Creativity/Originality – concept is truly unique and exhibits the filmmakers distinct point-of-view
Past Work (optional) – students are invited to share their past work to be reviewed alongside their pitch decks

How many projects will be selected for an award?
The amount of projects selected will vary based on the number of applicants and the quality of their applications. The maximum number of awards given will be as follows:
• (2) Advanced Project Awards:
$750 each + $250 worth of media credits on Pond5.com
• (2) Intermediate Project Awards: $500 each


Does Pond5 own the rights to projects selected for an award?
No. NYU Tisch students retain the rights to the projects they create. Pond5 is awarding a monetary contribution (and possibly Pond5 media credits) towards the completion of their films.

Do the winning filmmakers need to credit Pond5 in any way?
Pond5 asks that the winning filmmakers include the Pond5 logo in their film credits.

Is there a timeline for the winners to complete their projects?
The winning projects must be completed within one year.

Requirements of winning filmmakers during production
Winning filmmakers must provide information and details about their project, as requested by Pond5, during production for the purposes of promoting the filmmakers and the Award program.

Will Pond5 publicize or promote the Filmmaker First Award?
Applicants grant Pond5 promotional rights to use their name/likeness and excerpts (or their entire film) on the Pond5 website, in Pond5 press releases, at Pond5 events, and on Pond5 social media outlets. At various times during production, the filmmaker will send behind-the-scenes photos to Pond5 to post on social media.

Other Terms

• Any awards are non-transferable.
• Winning filmmakers and awards will be decided by the judges appointed by Pond5, in its sole discretion.
• Recipients of awards will be notified via email.
• By submitting for an award, you are representing and warranting that all information that you submit is accurate, complete and not misleading, you have the rights and authority to submit any material and information submitted as part of your submission and you agree to hold Pond5 from any claim, action, cost, expense or liability related to or arising from a claim to the contrary.
• By submitting for an award, you are agreeing to provide any documentation that Pond5 may request regarding your project or submission.

If you have questions regarding the entry process, please feel free to contact Pond5: Pond5award@pond5.com