FAQs – Donations

What do donations support?

Donations will go towards to the Tribeca Film Institute Pond5 Program in order to support
grants, mentorships and events for select artists. See below for submission details.

How do I donate?

You can either donate during your Pond5 check out process or at

Will Pond5 match my donation?

Yes, Pond5 will match all donations coming through the Pond5 site, up to $150,000. Once $150,000 is reached, your donations will continue to support the Tribeca Film Institute Pond5 Program.

Is my donation tax deductible?

If you make a donation through, you will receive a tax acknowledgment letter directly from Tribeca Film Institute. However, you will not receive a tax acknowledgment letter if your donation is made through the Pond5 check out process.
The deductibility of any donation may depend on the tax status of the donor. You should consult with your tax advisors regarding the deductibility of any charitable donation.

Can I donate with a Pond5 Credit Pack?

Yes, you are welcome to use your Pond5 Credit Pack to donate to the program. Pond5 will match the purchase price of the Credit Pack, not including the bonus credit (e.g. the net donation)

Can I donate with a Pond5 coupon code?

No, you cannot use a coupon code to donate to the program and Pond5 will not match any donation made with a coupon code.

FAQs – Artist Submissions

How do I apply?

The application can be accessed and completed online at Artist Submission Form

Am I eligible?

Applicants must either be an alumnus of a TFI program or an artist who bought content from or contributed content to the Pond5 between January 1, 2018 and present. TFI alumni also include key team members (writer, director or creative producer) on a project supported by TFI, in any year or program through Scripted, Documentary, Interactive, or Education.

When do submissions open?

Submissions will be open three times a year. The next round of submissions will open August 1, 2019.

When will submissions close?

Submissions will close September 9, 2019.

Is there an entry fee?

There is no entry fee to apply.

How many projects will be selected?

The number of projects granted will vary based on the number of applicants and the quality of their applications. Grants will range between $500 and $7,500.

Are there any limitations to the types of support I can request funding for?

Artists may ask the Tribeca Film Institute Program Pond5 Program to support any Pond5 or TFI alumni creator in any stage of their project from development past completion. Examples of asks can include but are not limited to support with interactive websites, stitching for a VR project, outreach, creating workshop around the project, bringing a project to a certain community/class, screenplay readings, film production, key crew attachment, installations or festival travel.

Are there any limitations to the budget of my project?

No. We do require you to share your budget, but we encourage you to be as specific as possible in the funding you’re requesting. We want to make sure the money is moving your project forward.

Can I apply for ancillary support through mentorship?

Yes. There is a section within the application where you can opt-in if you would like your project to be considered for mentorship and where you may detail the type of mentorship you are looking for.

What is an Artistic Statement?

The Artistic Statement is your opportunity to discuss your creative vision for your project. This is where you can speak of the tone and style of the project, and to the reasoning behind your creative choices with regards to subject matter, medium, setting, etc. It’s also the place to touch upon your motivation for telling this story and for how you’ve decided to tell it.

Is the Tribeca Film Institute Pond5 Program open to filmmakers from around the world?


Am I allowed to submit more than one project?

No, we recommend that you use discretion and apply with the project that has the most momentum at deadline or is the most urgent ask.

Can I have an extension?

No. We will have three application cycles per year. Please apply in the next submissions cycle.

Is footage required to apply?

No. If your project is film-based and you are the director, you may submit footage. If you are applying for travel funds, event funds, or with other non-film-based projects, footage is not required.

Do I need a full script or is a treatment sufficient?

You can apply with a script, treatment, or with a proposal for any other non-film-based project.

Does Tribeca Film Institute or Pond5 own the rights to my project if it is selected for the program?

No. We do require that, when your project is completed and when appropriate, you include the Tribeca Film Institute and the Pond5 logo in your credits. We also ask that any completed and approved promotional material such as posters, trailers, EPK’s etc are sent to us to share, display and show on TFI and Pond 5’s marketing, website and social channels. By making a submission under this Program, you irrevocably grant TFI and Pond5 the rights to do so as we or they determine is reasonable.

If my project is selected for the Tribeca Film Institute Pond5 Program, does that mean it will screen at the Tribeca Film Festival?


Will I be able to attend the Tribeca Film Festival as an accredited filmmaker?


Are there any stipulations on how I spend my grant if selected?

Yes. You are expected to spend the grant money as proposed in your application. We require either a copy of the finished project, a draft update, or a report within the grant year detailing your use of funds.

Where can I find additional answers to questions?

For questions related to documentary support, please contact: For questions related to narrative support, contact: For questions related to interactive and immersive support, please contact: You can also reach our office at 212.274.8080

Program Rules and Regulations

In order to qualify for the Tribeca Film Institute Pond5 Program, entrants must comply with ALL of the following Rules and Eligibility Requirements. Failure to comply with these rules will render a submission ineligible.

• You must be a key team member of a project that has received support through a TFI funded program or have brought content or contributed content on the Pond5 marketplace between January 1, 2018 to present.
• You may submit projects of any subject matter, budget or genre. Each project is eligible to apply once per cycle.
• If applying with a previously funded project, TFI requires the most recent version of the script, treatment, proposal, prototype or footage.
• Eligible projects may be in any stage from development past completion.
• If you are applying for a travel stipend, please include a description of your travel and how it relates to your project, indicating any potential dates. Please also include how it will advance your project and what impact it will have.
• Projects intending to be subtitled are eligible, but all submitted materials must be in English.
• Any awarded grants are non-transferable.
• Artist grant awards will be decided by the judges appointed by TFI, in its sole discretion.
• Recipients of grants will be notified via email.
• By submitting for a grant:
• You are representing and warranting that all information that you submit is accurate, complete and not misleading, you have the rights and authority to submit any material and information submitted as part of your submission or the Program and you agree to hold TFI and Pond5 from any claim, action, cost, expense or liability related to or arising from a claim to the contrary.
• You are irrevocably consenting to the use of your personal data, image and likeness by Pond5 and TFI for the purposes of the administration of this Program and by Pond5 and TFI related to the Program or your project.
• You are agreeing that when your project is completed and when appropriate, you will include the Tribeca Film Institute and the Pond5 logo in your credits, and you will send TFI and Pond5 any completed and approved promotional material such as posters, trailers, EPK’s etc.
• You are irrevocably granting TFI and Pond5 the rights to share, display and show any completed and approved promotional material such as posters, trailers, EPK’s etc. provided to TFI or Pond5 on TFI and Pond5’s marketing, website and social channels.
• You are agreeing to provide any documentation that Pond5 or TFI may request regarding your project or submission.


There is no entry fee.


Your application must be submitted online, and we encourage you to submit all additional materials digitally. Entries will not be considered complete until all of the materials are received.


If you have questions regarding the entry process, please feel free to contact us directly at one of the emails below: